·         Personal appearance of applicant (for biometric data capture):

Note: there is no need to submit a passport photo as photo will be captured live, along with digital signature and fingerprints of applicant.

·         Duly accomplished application form (available in the website and also at the Embassy):

·         Original passport to be renewed;

·         Photocopy of data page of passport being renewed including amendment page, if applicable

·         Other supporting documents:

          a. For those born in Russia:

      Ø  Birth Certificate authenticated by the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

          b. For those who lost or mutilated their passports:

Note: ONE (1) MONTH clearing period for investigation and approval from DFA, Manila is required. A new passport may be issued to an applicant only after official endorsement/approval from DFA is received and after applicant has complied with all documentary requirements

Ø  Report from the Police Station, notarized with English translation

Ø  Affidavit of Loss/Mutilation (form available at the Embassy)

Ø  Copy of the lost passport (data page) and visa

Ø  Other documents

          c. For married women, who want to use surname of their spouse:

Ø  Marriage Contract (MC) in Security Paper issued by the NSO and authenticated by DFA-Manila or Certified True Copy of MC issued by the Local Civil Registrar duly authenticated by NSO and authenticated by DFA-Manila

          d. For married women who would like to revert back to their maiden name:

Ø  If widowed: Death Certificate of the deceased husband issued by NSO and authenticated by DFA-Manila

Ø  If marriage is annulled: certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on annulment authenticated by DFA-Manila and NSO-issued MC with the annotation on the annulment decree authenticated by DFA-Manila

Ø  If divorced: certified true copy and photocopy of the first page and the dispositive portion of the judgment on divorce secured by foreign spouse authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate where the divorce was obtained.

          e. For minors (below 18 years old):

Ø  Photocopy of the data page of natural parent/legal guardian’s valid passport

Ø  Personal appearance of either parent (if minor is of legitimate status)

Ø  Personal appearance of mother (if minor is of illegitimate status)

Ø  If minor is NOT traveling with either parent:

§  Affidavit of Support and Consent

§  Passport and photocopy of the passport of the traveling companion of the minor

§  Identification Card and photocopy thereof of the duly authorized person.


f. For seafarers:

Ø  certification from the corresponding shipping agency in Russia or from the ship master

Ø  Philippine Seaman’ discharge book

Ø  Landing permit issued by Russian immigration


          1. ePassport (44-page)                 : US$60.00

          2. Lost or mutilated MRP and MRRP : US$90.00

          3. Lost ePassport                        : US$150.00